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Council Departments

The Council area covers some 64,600 hectares with a population of 65,000. 

Down District Council is currently organised into six departments.  Each department is headed by a Director, responsible to the 23 elected members through the Clerk and Chief Executive for the delivery of specific services.

The Council's current departments are:

  • Clerks Department
  • Corporate Services Department
  • Recreation Department
  • Environmental Services Department
  • Cultural and Economic Development
  • Group/District Building Control Departments


Clerks DepartmentJohn Dumigan
Clerk: Mr John Dumigan



  • Policy & Co-Ordination
  • Business Improvement
  • Down District Policing Partnership


Corporate Services Department
Director: Currently Vacant



  • Community Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Dog Control
  • Birth, Marriages & Deaths
  • Administration
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • New Deal


Cultural & Economic Development Department
Director: Currently Vacant



  • Tourism Development
  • Arts Development
  • Museum Services
  • Community Relations and Community Development
  • District Development/Economic Development
  • Project Development
  • Town Management Services
  • Marketing
  • Local Strategic Partnership



Environmental Services DepartmentCanice O'Rourke
Director: Mr Canice O'Rourke 



  • Domestic and Commercial Refuse
  • Collection/Disposal
  • Environmental Health
  • Recycling and Reclaimation
  • District Cleansing including public conveniences
  • Vehicle Maintenance

 Michael Lipsett

Recreation Department
Director: Mr Michael Lipsett


  • Leisure
  • Sports Development
  • Countryside Development
  • Parks


Group/District Building ControlMarie Ward
Group Chief Building Control Officer: Mrs Marie Ward



  • Group HQ Building Control
  • District Building Control




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