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Food Waste Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Down District Council adding food waste into the brown bins?
. Nearly 20% of the waste in the average household landfill bin is food waste. We need to reduce waste going to landfill as it is bad for the environment. Food waste generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The recycling of food waste also helps cut down the cost of waste disposal.

Q. Will every household have food waste recycling?
No, only households that currently have brown kerbside bins will be able to recycle their food waste. At the moment the costs of introducing Food waste recycling across the distric are prohibitive. The council are currently pricing other methods of introducing food waste recycling to rural households.

Q. How will I collect food waste?
You will have a small brown ‘Kitchen Caddy’. It is a little bin that is designed to sit on your kitchen worktop or under the sink. It can be used to collect small quantities of biodegradable food waste such as cooked or uncooked meat, veg and fruit peelings, bones and tea bags.

Q. How is food recycled?
Food waste, along with garden waste is shredded and placed to rot in a sealed system. The sealed container means no bugs or vermin are attracted and the finely chopped food waste quickly becomes good quality compost.

Q. What food can I put in the bin?
All food waste can go into your brown bin. It can be either cooked or raw meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, bread, cereals, rice, yogurt, beans, tea, coffee grains and even bones! (Always remove any packaging!)

Q. Will the food in my bin smell?
No, not if you empty your kitchen caddy regularly into the outside brown bin.

Q. When will the scheme start?
. When you receive your caddy start putting food waste into your brown bin.

Q. Can I line my caddy?
Wrap food waste in newspaper.

Q. My brown bin was refused why is this?
If you put any containers, wrappers or packaging in your bin, it will be refused. For example if you had a packet of meat or a tub of yogurt that had gone out of date, you must remove the packaging and then place food into the caddy. Biodegradable bags cannot be accepted.

Q. Where do I get my food caddy?
Down District Council will be home delivering caddies.

Q. What if I am not sure about an item?
Phone Environmental Services on 028 4461 0800 and a member of our team will assist.